‘Prayer Warrior’ Caught Red-Handed Cheating In Matrimonial Bed, Blames Hubby For Trapping Her

A Chitungwiza woman has blamed her husband and his relatives for trapping her after she was caught red-handed in her matrimonial bed cheating with another man.


Molly Imbayago who is a renowned member of a Pentecostal church in the neighbourhood accused her husband Bernard Matora of sending several men to seduce her as a way of ending their marriage.


The cheating housewife freely admitted to bedding, several men. She argued that she could not resist one of them in particular, because he had a “sweet tongue.”


Ironically, this was not the man that she was caught red-handed with. Speaking to local publication H-Metro, Molly said,


“My husband, with the help of some of his relatives, wanted me to move away from this family house,”


“They approached several men to propose to me so as to accuse me of cheating.


“One of the men seduced me with his sweet tongue and I failed to resist his advances and we ended up having sex.


“He is not the one found with me last night; uyu ndeumwewo anonditengesera mashampoo kusalon.”


After the two were caught redhanded, Matora threw out his cheating wife and forced her to sleep outside. He is also alleged to have severely assaulted his wife’s adulterous lover. iHarare

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