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President recounts journey with KK

FORMER Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda who died on June 17 stood against all odds in the fight for the liberation of southern African nations including Zimbabwe which came at a cost to the economy of Zambia and also inspired the youths to be patriotic, President Mnangagwa said.


In his message in the book of condolences for Dr Kaunda, which he signed yesterday at the Zambian Embassy, the President described Zambia’s founding father as his mentor who inspired young people in the 1960s to stand up against colonial injustices.

The relationship between President Mnangagwa and Dr Kaunda was so close that the former Zambian president affectionately referred to his mentee as a nephew.


In recognition of the role that Dr Kaunda played, President Mnangagwa declared 14 days of mourning with the country’s flags flying at half-mast during the period.


“On behalf of the people and Government of Zimbabwe and indeed my own and family behalf I wish to express my deepest grief and sincere condolences on the passing on of my political mentor and leader, the last surviving father of the OAU (Organisation of African Union) and first President of the Republic of Zambia, Dr Kenneth David Kaunda, known as KK.

“Dr Kaunda was an iconic Pan-Africanist and statesman on our African continent who inspired us, the young generation in the early 1960s, to be patriotic about our countries and be proud that we are Africans.”




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