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Princess Mzezewa Steals US$5000 From Sick Boyfriend In South Africa

A Zimbabwean man in South Africa is appealing for help to locate his ailing brother’s ex-girlfriend who allegedly stole US$5000 from him and disappeared to Pretoria.


Allegations are that Princess Mzezewa and Faith Mzezewa committed the offence while pretending to help the sick brother in Capetown after he got into an accident in which he was badly hurt.


He developed a liver problem and the money was meant to cater for his treatment in Canada before the women stole it.


“My brother was involved in an accident 2 years ago and contacted his girlfriend Princess to help him since he was badly hurt and she came to Capetown with her friends and subsequently stole US$5000 that was meant for his liver treatment in Canada”, the brother says.

The man is offering a R2000 reward to anyone leading to the arrest of these women and their male accomplice who is a married man Nokutula Foloma.


The crew is reported to be staying in Pretoria.

The case has already been reported to police under case 83/4/2021.


Anyone with information can contact 0681015417.

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