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IF you thought Michael Scofield from the American TV series Prison Break was a genius, think again.


A Senegalese man has reportedly escaped from prison and not only once, but 12 times. Yes, you read that right.


According to an article published by Africanews, Baye Modou Fall told ITV Senegal that he escaped from prison because the courts were taking too long to decide on his case.


The 32-year-old reportedly escaped on Thursday, 3 June in the capital Dakar but was arrested in the Moussala area of eastern Senegal on Saturday.


In the footage, Fall detailed how he managed to break free.


“I broke through the ventilation grate on one of the walls of my cell, climbed out on my own with a rope and climbed the prison wall. This time I will stay in Senegal. I will not go anywhere. I’m going to wait for justice to take its cause. As they have always refused me provisional freedom under the pretext that I could flee, I decided to take matters into my own hands and escape,” he told ITV Senegal.


Kenyan-based publication Tuko reported that Fall, popularly known as a “chronic fugitive”, had previously been arrested several times for crimes including armed robbery and association with criminals.


“According to local media, this was his 12th escape from prison, although authorities have not confirmed the allegations. However, his former lawyer Abdoulaye Babou said he had escaped almost 10 times,” the article read.

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