Rapper AKA gives his version of events leading up to death of fiancé Anele Tembe

Rapper Kiernan Forbes,(AKA) has for the first time spoken publicly about his version of the last hours of the late fiancé Anele Nelli Tembe life, marred by arguing and threats of suicide before she died.

Tembe fell to her death from the 10th floor of Cape Town Pepperclub Hotel in the early hours of 11 April. She was 22 years old.

AKA gave his version of the events saying he had a gig in Cape Town that fateful weekend and had travelled with Tembe, as they had done before.

The couple had lunch with friends and did shopping ahead of his gig the night before she died. There had been problems in the relationship which resulted in arguments during the previous week, he said.

“We had disagreements, and in Cape Town, we took it upon ourselves to talk, that there no one around. We had just become husband and wife and had just paid lobola two weeks prior.

The talk in their room at the hotel ended up in an argument which continued into the early hours of the morning, AKA said, and he decided to book a separate room.

‘I told myself it would be best if I remove myself from the situation, and I gathered my belongings and booked myself into another room, hoping things would calm down. It got worse, she took off her ring and threw it at me. I came back to the room because I had taken her phone. Things took a turn for the worse where Anele kind of threatened to kill herself, jump off the balcony… she didn’t say it in those words though”

When asked where in the room he was at the time it was said she jumped off the balcony. AKA said the exact details were “a bit blurry”

‘Events are blurry because I didn’t lay eyes on her at the time I made the call to security. The phone was here and the balcony was over there when I made the call… so I tried to get out of the situation. I don’t know whether it was during the call she had jumped or when I was in the bathroom, or whatever the sequence of events is, but that’s how I remember it.”

The rapper said Tembe was suicidal and had tried taking her life before, adding that he couldn’t understand why her father prominent businessman Moses Tembe said she hadn’t taken her own life and was not suicidal.


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