Relationship Coach Tells Men Not to Give Girlfriends Money: “you’re Not Her Father

Controversial relationship coach Captain Kale aka Doctor Love has advised men to stop giving women money.

Captain Kale tells men not to give girlfriends money: "you're not her father

According to Kale, a man should only give a woman money if they are married or are related by blood.

Kale said men shouldn’t play the roles of husbands to women they are dating and never finance them

“You are not her father! You ain’t even married yet. Why should you provide for her? The problem with women nowadays is that they become your girlfriend by force when you tell them you love them. All of a sudden, she becomes broke, hasn’t paid rent, she has no food. Kila mtu akufe na shida zake (let everyone take care of their bills),” Kale said.

Adding: “Let her parents take care of her. If you are married, that is fine, you can give her money.” Kale also warned men against lending women money, saying that most friendships don’t lead to marriage.

In a related article, Kale said that single mother are to blame for their situations. “Single mothers should stop calling men deadbeat fathers,” Kale said. He further said that there is nothing like deadbeat fathers. “The way ladies accuse men of using them, destroying their lives, giving them babies you would think men go forcing themselves on women. Unfortunately, most women give in willingly,” Kale added.

The controversial personality also revealed that dating married men is not a good idea because they will never leave their families for side chicks.


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