REVEALED: Man who filmed himself making racist rant against England’s black stars is plasterer, 49, who ‘has never been to a game and is banned from his local pub’

A man who filmed himself delivering a vile racist rant against England’s black players has never been to a football match in his life and is a COVID conspirator, MailOnline can reveal.


Brad Pretty, 49 posted a video of himself on his Facebook page abusing Bukayo Saka , Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho after their loss to Italy in the Euro 2020 final.

Staring into the camera with a St George’s Cross etched across his face, Pretty used a string of racist terms against the trio and then hollered: ‘They f***** it for us.’

Petty’s toxic video went viral, igniting a social media storm and huge anger over his comments. He has since deleted his Facebook page.


Locals in Folkstone, Kent told MailOnline that he openly makes controversial comments when he is surrounded by friends while drinking.


One local said: ‘Brad is a very opinionated man… when he he’s in safe company.


‘He doesn’t have the bottle to openly say these comments because he’s all mouth and knows that he would probably get a kicking. Brad is your typical loudmouth whose got a lot to say but only when he’s in a safe environment.’


Pretty boasts about being a Liverpool fan and a ‘die hard’ England supporter.


But the friend fumed: ‘He’s never been to a game in his life. If you showed him a photograph of Anfield, he wouldn’t know what it was. And the same goes for England. He’s never been to see them at Wembley, never mind abroad.’

Pretty tried to defend himself claiming many people support what he has to say but are afraid of doing so because of ‘political correctness’


It was also reported tonight that Pretty has been banned from his local pub in the wake of his outburst.


His landlord told The Sun: ‘I was shocked when I saw the video of Brad. He is usually okay and seems like a nice normal guy.


‘We weren’t impressed at all. He’s obviously drunk and ruined his whole life with a one minute video.

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