Row over bi-gender KZN teacher wearing a skirt to school

A Sydenham teacher believes the older generation needs to be more sensitive to gender issues after his own experience.


Serbash Thumbadoo, 29, has taught mathematics and life sciences at Centenary Secondary School for the past two years.

After living and dressing as a man since childhood, about four years ago he began a process of introspection which resulted in him realising that he was bi-gender.


Thumbadoo said: “Bi-gender basically means a person who identifies as both male and female. You could feel both genders at the same time or be fluid between them.”


He said he had known for some time that he was different.

“After the death of my father in 2017 and grandmother in 2019, I took time to reflect on my life. It was then that I realised that I was bi-gender. There are days that I identify as a male and on other days as a female. In August 2020 I told my family I was bi-gender.”


More recently, Thumbadoo informed the principal of Centenary Secondary School of his gender.


“I told him that although I was born male, I sometimes identify as a woman. I explained that I was going through a transition aimed at finding my identity. He seemed to understand and accept that I was bi-gender.”


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