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Ruwa Man Appears In Court For Kidnapping Suspected Thief

A 25-year- old Ruwa man reportedly connived with his two friends and assulted a suspected thief accusing him of stealing US$300 and seven jeans before kidnapping him.

Wallen Mupunga was not asked to plead when he appeared before Harare magistrate Richard Mangosi charged with kidnapping.


The State represented by Lancelot Mutsokoti alleges that on 22 May 2021 at house number 9496 Chipukutu Park, Ruwa , the accused acting in common purpose with his co-accused Abramas Masimba and Gaza still at large confronted the victim Tinotenda Mandiyanike accusing him of stealing USD300-00 and seven jean trousers from Abramas Masimba.

The accused and his accomplices severely assaulted the victim and drove with him to his place of residence ,house number 9496 Chipukutu Park, Ruwa.


Upon arrival, they conducted a search in his house in the presence of Miriam Mangozho and Vivian Mandiyanike who are victim’s sisters but they found nothing.


They bundled the victim back into their unregistered Mercedes Benz vehicle and drove off to unknown destination. The whereabouts of the victim Tinotenda Mandiyanike are still not known.


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