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S_x sanctions — hubby soils blankets in protest

A BULAWAYO man from Hope Fountain who could not stomach being denied s3x by his wife chose a bizarre way to show his displeasure — he resorted to urinating and defecating on his marital bed.


A seemingly fed-up Memory Ncube shamed her husband Isaac Mpofu in her application for a protection order at the Bulawayo Civil Court.


In her papers she said his reason for the gross behaviour was because she was denying him his conjugal rights. She said as a way of spiting her for denying him his matrimonial rights, Mpofu wets and poos in the blankets after every night of drinking.

In her suit she said she was now tired of cleaning up her husband’s mess.

“I am customarily married to Isaac Mpofu and he is emotionally and psychologically abusing me. Whenever he comes home drunk he urinates and worse, of all, defecates in the blankets. When I ask him, he says he was fixing me because I was denying him s3x.


“It’s not like I’m denying him his conjugal rights but I’m against his violent behaviour which he exhibits whenever he gets drunk. I am tired of cleaning up his mess.


Worse still, he and his relatives want me to desert our matrimonial home,” Ncube protested in her affidavit.


She said she once tried to engage family members to solve the matter to no avail adding that her husband was also not financially supporting the family.



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