“Sadza Is Meant For Feeding Cattle”: Hopewell Chin’ono Sparks Debate

Zimbabwean journalist and activist, Hopewell Chin’ono, has courted controversy and debate following his comments that eating sadza/isitshwala has no nutritional value and that it should be meant for feeding cattle.

Chin’ono argues that maize in the form of sadza/isitshwala has zero consumption value, affects brain development and is one of the causes of diabetes. He goes on to say that people should revert to what their ancestors used to do and eat small grains such as millet.

Writing on social media on Wednesday, Chin’ono shared a picture of maize cobs and captioned it with,

This is stock feed, for mombe.

Muno gona kuita nharo zvenyu, but it is not fit for human consumption.

Your ancestors knew better!! This has zero consumption value for you when you have it as Sadza!

Apparently It affects brain development too, and it is not good for diabetes.

Do you want to know more or this is enough to get you ranting all evening Sadza eaters?

Muri kupedzera mombe chikafu chadzo

Not surprisingly, the post did not go down well with some people, given that maize is the country’s staple. The post attracted a lot of engagement with some people supporting Chin’ono’s sentiments. However, some were critical and others were vociferously against the post. Some were even abusive.

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Chin’ono made another post in which he said that the reactions to his earlier post highlighted that Zimbabweans were intolerant and did not seemingly respond well to facts.

his story was not about Sadza or maize, it was meant to illustrate the anger, the intolerance and the abuse in many Zimbabweans!

Now go to the comments section of the original post and tell me if Nkosana Moyo was wrong when he said that the ZANU-PF Government is a refection of Zimbabweans!

Just read the comments, the insults for merely stating the obvious!

He went on to say that the reactions to the post on Sadza/Isitshwala showed that Zimbabweans are not that different to those that they oppose.

I merely pointed scientific facts about maize, and the insults came.

Just like merely pointing out to Mnangagwa that he has lost an election.

How different are you from the people that you oppose?

…I am not taking away your rights to continue eating crap, but you see it fit to insult me.

Chin’ono came back with another post in which he said that Sadza/Isitshwala made from maize meal was not a part of our ancestor’s diets. He said that maize was introduced by the colonialists and that indigenous Zimbabweans adopted it because it was easier to farm.

Hubby kills wife over plate of sadza

Now I want to correct one fallacy that I saw in the comments section.

Hanzi “…Sadza is part of our ancestral culture, and varungu are trying to stop us from continuing with our culture.”

That is incorrect and a lie, in fact, by defending Sadza, you are defending part of the colonial legacy!

Maize was brought to us by the colonials, maize is originally from Mexico!

…So to suggest that Maize is part of our ancestral DNA is a reflection of ignorance of our history.

In Southern Africa Maize arrived around 1700, that is in South Africa.

Chin’ono was not done with his crusade, however. He posted a video in which African Plant Hunter CEO Gus Le Bretton said that sadza/isitshwala is fortified because it has no nutritional value. -Hararelive

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