Saying ‘Hello’ is demonic and it’s a sin-Mummy GO

A popular Nigerian Pastor identified as  Evangelist Funmi aka Mummy GO has disclosed that saying ‘hello’ to anyone is demonic and is a language of Hell, a slogan of Hell.

Mummy GO while teaching to her congregants disclosed that a bishop from Ghana called and cautioned her to stop preaching wrong doctrines and challenged her for claiming that saying hello is demonic.

In her words:

“”The man arguing with me is a Bishop, he’s from Ghana. He said Evangelist Funmi I like your teachings but don’t say nonsense, don’t teach us wrong things.

I asked what is the wrong thing I teach and he said when somebody says ‘hello’ is demonic is not good. And I said yes sir I say so, I never deny it. He said okay what about the Lord’s prayer our Father who art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name and I said it’s not ‘hello’ it’s Hallowed and asked him to go back to his dictionary.

By the time you remove ‘o’ from ‘hello’ it remains ‘hell”.So I just greet you in the morning or you call me and just say ‘hell”.It’s a language of hell, slogan of hell.”

Watch the video below:

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