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Security companies using toy guns for cash in transit:Police

Private security companies contracted to provide cash-in-transit services are ill-equipped to the extent that some of them use toy guns while transporting clients’ money, police have revealed.

Well-armed security companies, on the other hand, have semi-automatic guns which cannot be used during public shootouts as they can leave a lot of casualties.

The security companies are said to be living in the past, employing security guards who are too old and unfit to respond to modern security concerns.


This came out during a meeting between the police, security companies and the business sector on Monday. The meeting was held in the wake of rising cases of armed robberies that have rocked the city.


Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce national deputy president Mr Golden Muoni airs his views at the meeting

Some representatives of security companies said if the security guards are not properly remunerated, robberies will continue to be a problem.


Issues to do with shortcutting by largely small security companies who compromise on quality just to get contracts also topped the discussions.


Officer commanding Bulawayo Province Commissioner Patton Mbangwa said security companies are sleeping on the job and providing shoddy service to clients.



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