Serial Polygamist Says Polyandry Is an Attack on Marriage

Musa Mseleku, a popular South African polygamist recently made his stance on polyandry getting legalised in South Africa pretty clear – it’s a big fat no from him.

Musa Mseleku says polyandry is a no from him. According to Mseleku, who believes polygamy is a cultural thing – polyandry is an attack on marriage.

Mseleku first became popular in the country after he appeared on Uthando Nes’thembu, a popular South African reality television show about polygamy, alongside his four wives and their 10 children.

“I can tell you, this is a mere, straightforward attack on the only institution that should be protected and preserved — which is marriage. I do not even understand where those activists are coming from.

“They don’t understand the fundamentals of where we (polygamists) are coming from with the institution of marriage. Polygamy does not just exist because a man has got a desire to have many wives,” said Mseleku according to a TimesLIVE

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