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Seven trunks full of cash stolen in Bulawayo (VIDEO)

The sloppiness of a cash-in-transit security crew in Bulawayo yesterday resulted in armed robbers getting away with seven trunks full of cash which was due for banking.

It could not be ascertained how much was taken in the heist as police were still investigating.

A gang of armed robbers allegedly trailed a Romicon Security cash-in-transit vehicle as it made cash collections from six Choppies Supermarket shops around the city and pounced on it as it made its seventh collection at the retail shop located at Parklands Shopping Complex.

The city has been recording a spike in armed robbery cases and one of them turned fatal last Saturday. Yesterday’s robbery occurred at about 11AM and the armed robbers arrived at the shopping complex in four Honda Fit vehicles.

They fired warning shots and threatened to shoot anyone who resisted the raid.

The armed robbers disarmed Romicon Security guards before removing six trunks which were in a ‘kombi’ labelled “armoured cash-in-transit vehicle”.

The robbers grabbed the seventh trunk from a security guard who was carrying it to the cash-in-transit truck at the Parklands Choppies Supermarket.

A security guard sat on the ground and appeared visibly shaken.

Witnesses said two teams of the armed gang entered the complex while the other two remained outside the premises.

They attacked a security guard manning the boom gate enabling the crew to use both the entrance and exit to make good their escape after the raid. The witnesses said the robbery was swift and seamless, giving rise to speculation that it was committed by professionals.

Police, on the other hand, said they suspected it was an inside job.


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