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Sex addict tries to poison lover over sex

A BULAWAYO woman shocked a court when she claimed she could no longer withstand her abusive lover’s constant sexual demands after he allegedly forced her to consume a poisonous substance during a supposedly sex-fuelled argument.


Nompilo Gama from Cowdray Park suburb said her lover, Zwelibanzi Ndhlovu from the same suburb, was in the habit of constantly abusing her over sex.

Gama, who was seeking a protection order against her lover, told magistrate Nkosinomusa Ncube, who was sitting at the Bulawayo Civil Court, that if she refused to have sex with him, Ndhlovu would physically assault her.


“Zwelibanzi Ndhlovu is my boyfriend and he wants things done his way. He demands sex every time and if I refuse because of other commitments, he physically abuses me.






“He is very abusive and violent and he forces me to sleep with him and claims that I have other boyfriends. I am a widow and at one time he wanted to come to my house, but I refused since it is my late husband’s house and I have to show some respect,” she said.


Gama further said her abusive partner once forced her to consume a poisonous substance during an argument.


“On 14 May 2021 he gave me a bottle with some substance which he said was poison and he forced me to drink it. While forcing me to drink, he instructed me to record a goodbye audio to my parents saying I was going to die in the next 10 minutes.


“I, however, refused to drink the poison and as punishment he started assaulting me all over the body. I sustained bruises on my back. I therefore want a protection order to be granted against him so that he stops abusing me, coming to my house and communicating with me,” pleaded Gama








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