Sex workers think outside the box

With the Covid-19 pandemic impacting negatively on the global economic landscape, many companies in Zimbabwe have either closed shop or retrenched their workers as industries take a heavy knock, which has also left a large hole in the national purse.


Everyone has been affected, and within a short space of time everything has changed.


For most people, the way of life changed in order to suit the prevailing situation.

As professions are burdened due to the new coronavirus, those in the oldest trade known to humanity — sex workers — are not spared either.


Sex workers face a range of challenges in their daily lives.


The pandemic-induced financial pressures have seen them resorting to alternative and additional sources of income generation to supplement their dwindling takings. Some have enrolled at different tertiary institutions across the country to pursue different life skill courses to empower themselves.

Two sex workers’ groups in Hopley, Harare comprising 15 members each under Centre for Sexual Health and HIV /AIDS Research (CeSHHAR) have come to the rescue of contributing members. The members have started self-helpcome.


“We started our business in December 2020 after some trainings with Mavambo by contributing US$2 per month, so that we do not depend entirely on sex work.


“We sell kitchen and plastic ware such as plates and water glasses as well as braids to local community members.



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