Shamva Mine puts an end to dust pollution

Kuvimba Mining House which is running Shamva Gold Mine has stepped up efforts to put an end to the nightmare of dust pollution caused by the slime/tailing dam at the outskirts of the town which affected residents for years.


The mine is decommissioning the slimes dam in an environmentally friendly manner by planting vegetation on the dam and irrigating the place 24/7.


They have purchased a green machine from South Africa to irrigate the eight hectares covered by the dam and about four hectares of wheat at the top of the dam.

However, the wheat is not for harvesting but part of their vegetation programme and the remaining area is covered with bidium material to suppress dust.


Safety, Health and Environment officer Mrs Rumbidzaishe Kamukazingeni said when Shamva gold mine opened early last year it was under new ownership who are serious about responsible and sustainable mining.


“The dust pollution caused by this tailings dam was a very critical issue in this community.


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