Shingi Munyeza Exposed: Girlfriend Leaks Chats, Threatens Musvo Pics

OUTSPOKEN Harare cleric and businessman Shingi Munyeza has been exposed once again by her girlfriend after she leaked chats between them revealing how the ‘man of the cloth’ is refusing to keep the baby they made.

Earlier in January, Munyeza was forced to set down from his post as Faith Ministries pastor after he was forced to publicly admit to adultery by his daughter.

Recently, I allowed myself into a situation where I fell morally. I failed my wife and family, I failed the church that I am part of. He wrote then.

Now, the actual girlfriend, not Natalie as speculated then, has exposed how the two continued with their relationship meeting in hotel rooms and secretly chatting on Signal, an application that allows hiding chats and all.

She is also threatening to leak his bedroom photos.

“He must apologize to me first and take responsibility. All I wanted was for him to be a man and take responsibility for his actions. He can dump me if he wants to but he must be a father to his unborn child.

“He blocked me on Whatsapp yesterday. We normally use the signal app because he doesn’t want his wife to see our messages. With Signal app it is easy to protect or hide your conversations.” The woman says.

Munyeza developed problems with the woman when she revealed her pregnancy but he was sending her money and chatting with her day and night before.

“I’m not easy to have a child. We agreed.

“Please can we not have this child I plead with you,” Munyeza says in one of the chats.

However, the woman is adamant and so decided to leak these juicy screenshots.

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