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Shock As Body Is Found Floating In A Well

Police in Harare are investigating a case of suspected murder after the body of a Southlea Park man, Tawedzerwa Mumvuri (45), was found floating in a well on Saturday.


Harare provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tendai Mwanza yesterday confirmed the development.




“Police are investigating a case of suspected murder after the body of a male adult was discovered plunged and floating in a well in Southlea Park in Harare. The case is being treated as suspected murder and investigations are in progress,” Mwanza said.


“We urge the public to secure their wells with concrete slabs in order to avoid scenes of this nature.”


It is alleged that on July 2 at around 8am, the informant, Violet Mumvuri (21), who is the now-deceased’s daughter, left for work, leaving her father alone at home. At the end of the day, Violet came back home, but failed to locate her father.


The following day, she woke up and searched for her father around the yard and discovered that something was amiss at the well.


The iron sheets which they used to cover the well had caved in, which raised her suspicion.




When she drew closer, Violet discovered her father’s body floating in the water.


She informed neighbours before the case was reported at Southlea Park Police Station.



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