Shock As Funeral Parlour Brings Back Body Where They Picked It

THE Nyanga community was left shocked after a funeral parlour took back the body it picked up over the weekend.

Noloyiso Mabija (42) said a homeless man died in front of their house on Saturday.

“He was sleeping everywhere. On Saturday he just died while sitting on the chair. Since we’re staying next to the police station we went there to report it,” said Noloyiso.

According to her, ambulance workers and police said the deceased must be under his father’s undertaker.

“We were panicking and thought the family of the homeless man would come forward to take the body but they didn’t,” she said.

On Monday, they were shocked when the undertaker brought the body back to where they found it.

“I ran away but came back because I thought of my father and I didn’t want to leave him. I came back and the body of the deceased who died on Saturday was back,” said Noloyiso.

She said they don’t blame the undertaker but the ambulance workers and police who advised them to take the body.

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