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Shocking as a teen boy sets girl’s hair on fire in class

A principal in South Africa has suspended a student after he set fire to a girl’s hair while provoking her in class.

Luckily the evil incident was recorded by their classmates at Belgravia High School while the teacher was absent in the classroom.

The boy, rigging a brown and white wool hat, is seen recieving a lighter from another pupil and standing behind the victim (girl) after which he sets her ponytail alight.

The family of the 14-year- old (Girl), who is in Grade 8, says it’s the third time she’s bullied in class and has slammed the school authorities for not intervening.

The 14-second trending video, recorded by a classmate sitting behind the victim, begin with the boy pouring an energy drink over the poor girl’s hair while she is seated.

Another boy comments:  (Check here, her hair doesn’t get wet.)

The boy with the woollen hat then asks for a lighter from another classmate and someone tells him: “Jy, ha-ah!”

The bully boy laughs as he unashamedly sets the girl’s ponytail on fire.

He quickly put out the flames with his hand while the rest of the class burst out laughing.

The victim’s angry aunt (guardian), who lives with the girl and her mom in Hanover Park, says this is not the first encounter the child has been harassed in class and the school was previously informed.

“This is actually the third time they bully her like this and the school authorities know. The principal and the class teacher were made aware of it, but no action was taken.

“It can’t go on like this, no. The girl now does not want to go back to school anymore.”

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