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Smugglers Resurface With New Routes At Beitbridge

Smugglers have resurfaced in Beitbridge and are using new routes to get entry into and out of the country after going low in the last four months.


They scaled down their operations when both Zimbabwe and South Africa beefed up security and increased patrols along the Beitbridge Border to curb the smuggling of goods in January this year.


The two countries closed the border to non-essential human traffic while allowing trucks to move cargo a move that is said to have inspired the rise of smuggling cases.

Since then, smugglers have created new lucrative illegal crossing points and have even opened a taxi rank at the Old Beitbridge Border Post and near Pagomo Lodge (Zimbabwe) and near Gateway Trucks stop (South Africa).


Although they are being rounded up by the police, some still find their way through by allegedly bribing officials on both sides of the border.


Some smugglers have become more daring and operate 500 meters east of the main border post and under the Old Limpopo Bridge.


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