Solar-powered car developers to get incentives

Zimbabwe is in the process of developing fiscal incentives for solar-powered vehicles, batteries and other related accessories,


Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Professor Paul Mavima made the remarks during a virtual address of the 4th Africa Day, High Level Political Forum running under the theme ‘The Green Recovery: Renewable energy, digitalisation and nature-based solutions for inclusion and resilience in Africa.’

Minister Mavima said the liberalisation of the electricity market has resulted in the Government granting power generation licences to a number of Independent Power Producers (IPPs) to encourage investments by private players.

“Zimbabwe at present is mainly dependent on petroleum, coal, hydroelectric power and fuel-wood to meet its energy needs.


“More than 60 percent of our population still rely on solid biomass fuel for thermal needs and have no access to clean energy sources yet our country has vast renewable energy resources such as solar, hydro, biomass and to a limited extent wind and geothermal, that to date have largely remained unexploited,” said Minister Mavima.


“A number of programmes have been implemented to promote the adoption of renewable energy technologies such as National Energy Policy (2012), Sustainable Energy for All Programme, The National Biogas Programme, Rural Electrification (using solar mini-grids) and Climate Policy (2017) among others.


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