Student develops app to locate pharmacies

Leo Muchenje, a 24-year-old University of Zimbabwe trainee graduate has developed a web application to provide the public with better access to pharmacies dotted around towns, cities and other parts of rural areas in the country.


His pharmacy locator application features an interactive platform that makes life easier for patients who no longer need to worry about moving from one pharmacy to the other searching for medication.

“The pharmacy locator is all about making life easier when looking for medicine here in Zimbabwe,” said Muchenje, a Computer Science major.


“The major purpose is to help anyone to find the nearest pharmacy which sells the specific medicine that they will be looking for.”


Just by a click of a button, they can locate the drugs they want and make a reservation for them. This innovative app is set to make it easier for the public to access drugs in the country.

“I saw that there was a gap when looking for medicine here in Zimbabwe, there are some emergency cases where there is no time to move around pharmacy by pharmacy looking for medicine. Information on where to find medicine should be readily available to the public,” the young innovator said.

Several pharmacy locator innovations have been developed in the past in various parts of the world to meet various needs.

Muchenje’s innovation is particularly unique to the Zimbabwean environment.



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