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Super Dad In Soup Over Juju Claims

Every family has its secrets. Some are well-known truths, and others are so difficult to prove that they’ve been written off as urban conspiracy theories and hearsay.


A prominent Kwekwe businessman with 15 wives and 69 children is entangled in an ugly fight with one of his sons following chilling suspicions that he was allegedly using juju to catapult himself to a prosperous life and that he also wanted to kill his father as punishment for “ill-treating” his mother.

The super dad Peter Gore (69) is at loggerheads with his son Tyson Gore whom he claimed was in possession of a gun which he is threatening to use to shoot him or send people to kill him within seven days.


So nasty is the fight that the Kwekwe property mogul popularly known as PG has since approached a court to have his son banned from coming to his house.


In his application for an interim protection order Peter said he was now living in perpetual fear of his son.


“Tyson Gore is my son. This is an urgent application for a protection order. The respondent is my son and he is threatening to kill me. He has physically told me that he wants to kill me or to send people to come and kill me. He accuses me of insulting his mother.


“The respondent has a gun and he thus threatened to shoot me. I have reported him to the police under CR03-04-2021 and also CR22-05-21. The application is urgent in that on the 30th of May 2021, the respondent phoned me and informed me that within seven days he would have killed me or sent people to kill me,” reads part of Peter’s affidavit.




Peter said he was now living in fear that his son may live true to his chilling threats of trying to kill him.


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