The day India beat Nigeria 99-1

The story had it that in the 1990’s Nigeria had a football match with India. India being notorious with black magic vowed that the Nigerian parading notable football starts like Samuel Okwaraji will not see a goal in that match. This was very surprising seeing that India was not a strong football opponent.

The day slated for the match came and the game started. With seconds, the India teams had scored. One the Nigerian team passed the ball, the India boys will collect it immediately and score. They kept scoring according to their promise that the Nigeria team were 99-0 down.

One may begin to ask how that was possible in a football match meant for 90 minutes. Does it mean they were scoring every seconds of the game? Well, there is an answer to that which you wouldn’t want to believe but to the innocent mind at childhood we believe everything told by a senior.


The story had it that whenever the India team had the ball, the ball turn to big coconut, sometimes accompanied with burning fire which they can shoot from any part of the pitch to the net.

The funniest thing was that, it was only the keeper who was seeing the ball as coconut with burning flame thereby running away from the post each time the ball arrived the net. Some version of the story said that the Indian team could hold the ball in the air to the post while the Nigerian team stood and observed while other version said that the India team were in two batches, the 11 men on the pitch always gave another 11 men in the air the ball to be score.




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