Thief forced to laugh while being beating for stealing light cables [video]

A thief was left at the mercy of an angry mob after he was caught and beaten for stealing light cables somewhere in Takoradi.


It might be the 21st century, but in virtually all cities in Ghana , many still operate with some barbaric principles and practices of the centuries long past. Jungle justice is one of such practices.

Various incidents reported daily in Ghana , gets one scared with how unsafe Ghana is with many individuals going around with very deadly views and violent approaches to handling issues.


So often we see or hear of people being mobbed or lynched for stealing or committing one crime or the other.


In a recent development, an angry mob of residents and passersby at a community in Takoradi , gave a man the beating of his life after he was allegedly caught stealing electrical cables.

In a video currently circulating online, the suspected thief was reluctant to laugh after he had received some serious beatings from the mob.


The mobs repeated that he should laugh and use the phrase ”stealing is so sweet’ of which the alleged thief complied to avoid more beatings .


Well, Watch the video below :

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