Three People Collapse & Die Within Minutes In Masvingo In Separate Incidents | UPDATED

Two people collapsed and died within minutes of each other in Masvingo on Wednesday morning. The causes of death are yet to be determined, but health officials from the city indicated that the two scenes will be fumigated.


The Masvingo Mirror reports that the first death occured at around 8.45 AM. The woman whose identity will be revealed only after her next of kin have been notified, collapsed and died in the toilet at the Landmark Bar.

According to sources who spoke to the publication, the woman had come to Masvingo to withdraw some money from a local financial institution. Her death occured just minutes after she had disembarked from a bus from the rural areas.

The second death occured less than an hour later when another woman collapsed and died in Mucheke D. According to the publication, the second person collapsed and died just after 09:00 AM.


Health workers who had collected the first body were forced to rush to Mucheke to collect the second body. The health officials are taking serious precautionary measures following the two sudden deaths.


One of the precautions includes taking measures against Covid-19 as the two may have died from the disease. Both scenes were fumigated by health officials.


Officials from the Ministry of Health and from the Zimbabwe Republic Police are yet to comment on the deaths of the two women.

Health officials have revealed that a third woman also collapsed and died in Runyararo West at around 7am. She was 80 years old.

All three victims are elderly women.



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