He was bullied, trolled and called a monkey but now he is a superstar in the making. It all started on November 17th of 2020 when his story was first uploaded on YouTube by Afrimax and from that day, his story went viral making headlines on different platforms stealing people’s hearts. People started sharing his story across different social media platforms. He goes by the name Zanzimana Elly.

Furthermore, his dressing code also changed and now he rocks some of the best outfits.


Zanzimana Elly was born after his mother knelt down and prayed to God to grant her any child as long as they would survive. According to her, even a disabled child would be enough and God answered her prayer by giving her Zanzimana Elly. This was after she gave birth to four children and unfortunately for her, they all died one after another.


Elly, 22-years-old whose facial appearance is alleged to take after an African chimpanzee, could not speak, his head could not support formal education and liked living in the jungle.


His mother even revealed to Afrimax that he used to feed on grass like an animal and will always have to chase him to bring him home when even comes.


When Afrimax first visited this family, they could barely find something to feed on without hope of tomorrow and they started a campaign via go fund me where many donated.


Elly was then taken to school that helps disabled children in addition to being granted a new house which was fully furnished.

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