Twin brothers marry the same lady after they b0nked her and developed strong feelings for each other (Video)

Twin brothers from the eastern part of Africa have married the same woman after she mistakenly had s3x with both of them because of their striking resemblance.

According to reports, the families of these polyamorous couples strongly spoke against their decision to officially marry but since the love they have for themselves is “stronger than apartheid”, they ignored the severe criticisms and went ahead to tie the knot.

During an interview with DW Africa, the twins reiterated that they both really love the lady in the same equal manner and won’t leave her side neither today nor tomorrow because of the harsh words from critics.

They further disclosed during the interview that they will be more than glad if God blesses them with triplets or twins as children in the future.

Although, a ploymarous relationship is considered is an abomination in Africa but since they are happy with themselves, I guess we should leave them alone to enjoy their relationship.

Watch the video below to know more…

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