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Two Johane Masowe worshippers, one pregnant, raped after church service

Two Johane Masowe eChishanu female congregants – one of them pregnant – were raped by unidentified axe-wielding assailants near Unki residential area in Shurugwi, police said.


The victims, both aged 20, were coming from a church service at Madzibaba Vinny’s shrine around 7 PM when they were violated by two man armed with an axe, knife, and a catapult.


The alleged rapists, still at large, flashed the two women with a torch upon meeting them before ordering them to sit down near a residential area at Railway Block, with the intention of robbing them.


After finding nothing but a blanket and white church robes on the worshippers, the suspects then raped them.

One of the suspects grabbed the first victim and dragged her for about 100 meters, in the process threatening to strike her with an axe, and raped her at knifepoint while the other suspect remained to guard the second victim, also threatening to shoot her with a catapult if she screamed for help, but did not rape her saying because she was pregnant, police said


But things quickly changed with both women being raped and threatened with murder if they ever made a police report.

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