Uebert Angel Declines US$15 000 Ambassadorial Salary

Prophet Uebert Angel is said to have declined an estimated US$15 000 a month salary package and additional accompanying benefits to be a Presidential Envoy and Ambassador at Large.


In March, President Emmerson Mnangagwa appointed Angel as a Presidential Envoy and Ambassador at Large covering Europe, North America, South America and Central America.


During the 2009-2013 coalition government, ambassadors were paid between USD$10 000 and USD$15 000 a month while their spouses were paid an additional USD$3000 a month going upwards depending on their educational qualifications.


In addition to salaries, the ambassadors get allowances to cover housing, transport, school fees for their children among other perks.


Based on those figures, the UK based businessman and man of the cloth would have been entitled to roughly over US$15 000 a month but he is reported to have declined a package in this range saying he was offering his services for free out of love for his country.

In 2014, then permanent secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr Joey Bimha said salaries of diplomats were pegged according to local grades but they were entitled to allowances depending on the cost of living in their respective countries.


Zimbabwe has around 47 diplomatic missions across the world that need around US$88,8 million annually according to a budget request submitted in 2014. Over the years stories of the government failing to pay the salaries of embassy staff on time have been rife.

With a 6350 seater “Harare Hippodrome” and 40 executive suite only “Beethoven Hotel” being built in Harare and other several other buildings around the globe, it seems money is no object for the UK based businessman and Spirit Embassy: The GoodNews Church founder.


The Presidential Envoy and Ambassador at Large this week met Aston Villa midfielder Marvelous Nakamba at his Angel Manor mansion in Lincoln, UK.


Nakamba later tweeted: “Had a successful meeting with @UebertAngelAmb at the Angel Manor.


“During the meeting, we discussed about the opportunities of investing in Zimbabwe and I’m looking forward to these opportunities. #Riseupzimbawe #investinZim Flag of Zimbabwe.”





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