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UK Based Zim Man In Foiled Armed Robbery, Jailed 30 Months

A United Kingdom (UK) based Zimbabwean man Munashe Chikomba (23), has been handed a 30-month sentence after pleading guilty to attempted robbery to clear his £1 000 debts.


The crime happened last March.


A brave village store owner foiled Chikomba who held him at hammer and knife point, York Crown Court heard.


Jeremy Barton, prosecuting, said police found a third weapon and a balaclava in Munashe Chikomba’s car when they stopped him The Press reports.

When the robber showed the hammer and knife to the family store owner in a small North Yorkshire village, the shopkeeper first tried to treat it as a joke and then rang police.


Chikomba told him not to do that as he fled empty-handed.


Defence barrister Khadim Al’Hassan said the would-be robber had gone for a drive to “clear his mind” because he had mental health problems and decided to do something to clear his £1,000 debts,

Chikomba, 23, of Cardigan Road, Headingley, Leeds, pleaded guilty to attempted robbery, two charges of having knives in public and one of having a hammer as an offensive weapon.

He was jailed for 30 months. He had no previous convictions.


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