UN vows to end Aids by 2030

The United Nations General Assembly has adopted a political declaration to end Aids by 2030.


The UN member states on Tuesday took on a set of new and ambitious targets in a political declaration at the UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting on Aids, taking place in New York.

According to the statement issued on Tuesday, if the international community reaches the targets, 3.6 million new HIV infections and 1.7 million Aids-related deaths will be prevented by 2030.


The political declaration calls on countries to provide 95% of all people at risk of acquiring HIV within all epidemiologically relevant groups, age groups and geographic settings with access to people-centred and effective HIV combination prevention options.


It also calls on countries to ensure that 95% of people living with HIV know their HIV status, 95% of people who know their status to be on HIV treatment and 95% of people on HIV treatment to be virally suppressed.

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