UN warns of food crisis, Taliban parades seized weapons

The United Nations is warning that Afghanistan could face a food crisis within a month, leaving one out of three people hungry, as the Taliban tries to form a new government to run the country.


“The situation… from a humanitarian perspective continues to be extremely tense,” Ramiz Alakbarov, UN humanitarian coordinator in Afghanistan, said on Wednesday, adding that more than half the children in the country already struggle to find the next meal.

Al Jazeera has learned that food prices in Afghanistan have increased by about 50 percent, and petrol by as much as 75 percent, in recent days.


With most international aid shut, Alakbarov said government services cannot function and public employees are not receiving their salaries.


The Taliban has yet to form a new government, and their international recognition remains in question, preventing the resumption of foreign aid.


Earlier on Wednesday, the group paraded in Kandahar some of the military hardware, including armoured vehicles, they captured during their takeover.


At least one Black Hawk helicopter has also been reported flying over Kandahar recently, suggesting someone from the former Afghan army was at the controls as the Taliban lacks pilots, according to the AFP news agency.


Meanwhile, a Qatar Airways flight has landed in Kabul carrying a team that will help get the airport running again as a lifeline for aid.


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