Under-Lockdown Zim Covid-19 Hotspots Feel Neglected

Maud Dhaka, 45, from Chikuti in Marshonaland West, is worried that her small business selling groceries and clothing will suffer during the lockdown.


“Covid or no Covid, I have to survive, and it is not looking good. Our customers are living in fear, and it affects my business, which was already struggling. Opening from 8am to 3pm is not sustainable for small businesses, we need long hours to operate,” said Dhaka.


According to the World Bank, half of Zimbabweans fell into extreme poverty during the Covid-19 pandemic.


The government said it will be monitoring infection rates across the country and reviewing measures to contain the third wave.


It has promised to increase awareness campaigns across the country, focusing on the most affected areas. It said television and radio stations have increased Covid-19 information programming.


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