Unvaccinated TelOne Workers On Forced Leave, Covid Allowances Scrapped

STATE-OWNED telecommunications operator, TelOne, has advised all employees not vaccinated against Covid-19 to take leave to reduce their exposing other workers to the global pandemic.


The company said 60% of staff had been vaccinated, but acknowledged the risk of those not inoculated.



“TelOne acknowledges the seriousness of the Covid-19 situation in the country at the moment. As such, we have taken a position to encourage our staff to be vaccinated. To date, we have at least 60% of our staff members who have taken up the vaccine under the government programme,” TelOne head of corporate communications Melody Harry said in a statement.

“Furthermore, we acknowledge the risk that those that have elected not to be vaccinated face. So to reduce their exposure and the consequent risk to all others, we have requested that they take vacation leave until such a time the situation eases.



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