US$70 million war chest for vaccines

Government is set to utilise the US$70 million left in its coffers from the US$100 million set aside by Treasury for the purchase of Covid-19 vaccines as the fight against the pandemic intensifies in the wake of a third wave of infections.


Finance and Economic Development Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube said the available funds would go a long way in achieving the country’s target of inoculating at least 10 million people against the virus to attain herd immunity.

Zimbabwe’s vaccination drive has been highly commended by the international community, including the World Health Organisation (WHO).


High ranking politicians in Australia and South Africa, known to be rabid critics of the Zimbabwean Government, have been forced to eat humble pie and admit that the Second Republic has excelled in handling the pandemic.


Prof Ncube said the country was still in range of a target to take receipt of at least a million doses a month.


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