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Veterinary Officer in court for ‘stealing’ donated material

A Mberengwa Veterinary officer, Tapiwa Jere (37) has been arraigned before the courts on allegations of stealing US$2 304 worth of material donated by an NGO for the rehabilitation of Danga Dip Tank.


Allegedly stolen from the donated goods were 16×50kg cement, 53×76mm poles, 13×2m poles, 52 bolts and 65 nuts. The property was donated by ECRIMS, an NGO operating in Mberengwa District.


Jere appeared before Mberengwa magistrate Caroline Nyoni on May 20, 2021 facing charges of theft of trust property after failing to present it to the Livestock Development Committee.


He was not asked to plead and was granted RTGS$5 000 bail.


It is the State case that in October 2020, Nyathi Mahle of ECRIMS purchased material required for the rehabilitation of the dip tank and delivered it to the accused who acknowledged receipt.


In April 2021, Martin Mhlaba who is the vice chairperson of the Livestock Development Committee asked Jere to present the donation to the committee but he said that it was in a locked room and he had forgotten the keys at Mberengwa Centre.


On May 18, 2021, Melody Mangena and Mhlaba went to Jere’s workplace to inspect the donated material. Jere said he had not secured the keys but Mangena and Mhlaba managed to open the door in his presence and discovered the missing material.


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