Video of Man Who Jumped from Plane Without Parachute to Break World Record Goes Viral

airlive has confirmed that a skydiver named Luke Aikins is now the record holder for the highest dive without a parachute.

In a video clip that has since gone viral on Twitter, the skydiver identified as @PriapusIQ jumped from a plane at the height of 7620 meters and landed without the aid of a parachute to set the new record.

Luke Aikins breaks the world record with his 7620 metres jump from the sky without a parachute. Photo Credit: Screengrabs from video shared by @PriapusIQ.

In the viral video, Aikins could be seen in the company of about three other people who appeared to be skydivers as he performed the mindboggling act. His performance has sparked mixed reactions from social media users who watched the video.

“I’m pretty sure that there are many other higher records that this of skydivers who have unwillingly jumped out of a plane without a parachute and lived to tell the tale,” @EllinorLessetti said. While another social media user,

@JP__z said that he found the video clip amazing. “Wow, this is amazing. Imagine being born on the streets of India with little prospects for the future only to one day see someone jump out of a plane without a parachute for fun.

Don’t understand treating life with such disregard,” @JP__z said. @mtb4misoul challenged the paratrooper to land on his feet. “I am not impressed with this stunt. I challenge him to land on his feet if wants my respect,” @mtb4misoul wrote. The record-breaker Luke Aikins Luke Aikins is no new when it comes to skydiving.

According to Wikipedia, the 47-year-old is a professional skydiver of American descent and a pilot and aerial photographer. Aikins, who had coached the United States Navy SEALs, is the first person to achieve the feat of diving from mid-tropospheric altitude and landed safely without the aid of a parachute.


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