Viral “Abhero mhoro” audio takes Zim social media by storm

A leaked WhatsApp audio of a woman and her mother-in-law has set the streets of social media ablaze.

In the audio, a woman insists on asking her mother-in-law to advise her son to stop sleeping around.

However, all hell swiftly breaks loose as the elderly woman resorts to the use of strong and indecent words.

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Vamwene: Saka ndodii?
Muroora: Motongotaura Ipapa zvese zvamunoda
Vamwene: Izvezvi?
Muroora: Ehe!
Vamwene: Ska ndoti kudii?
Vamwene: Abhero mhoro!…….unozvinzwa?
Muroora: Ehe anozvinzwa anozopindura
Vamwene: Abhero wo!
Muroora: Imi ndimi munotaura ivo vanozongopindura chete
Vamwene: Heya?
Vamwene: Chengeta mb_*o yako isaisa vana pose pose

Listen here


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