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Visitors Jailed Nine Months Each After Assaulting Their Host’s Neighbour Over A Lighter

TWO visitors who turned violent and assaulted their host’s neighbour have been jailed nine months for assault.


Themba Sibanda (33) and Brighton Tshuma (23) both of Mkhosana suburb in Victoria Falls had visited a house in the city when they assaulted Emmerson Makunze.

The pair pleaded guilty to a charge of assault when they appeared before Victoria Falls resident magistrate Lindiwe Maphosa.

Each was sentenced to nine months in jail before three months were suspended on condition of good behaviour.

Each will serve six months in prison.

The incident happened on March 28 when Makunze approached his neighbour around 11pm and asked for a lighter.

The neighbour refused to give him the lighter.

Sibanda and Tshuma then chased him away and he went back to his house.


The duo followed Makunze before he could get home and started beating him up.

Makunze lost front teeth during the assault.

Sibanda and Tshuma used a stick to hit him. One of them picked a brick and hit him on the head before he collapsed.

Sibanda and Tshuma fled from the scene seeing their victim had fallen unconscious but were later arrested following a report to the police.


The court was told that Makunze was treated at Victoria Falls Hospital for the injuries he sustained from the attack The Chronicle reports.


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