WATCH: Enzo Ishall to go places – Prophet Black Elisha

FROM courting controversy after threatening to expose fake prophets and pastors, declaring war on cheating spouses to penning his first-ever book, eccentric Bulawayo-based prophet Mduduzi Dube, better known as Black Elisha has revealed a prophecy about Zimdancehall star Enzo Ishall.


The prophecy which was shared on Black Elisha’s social media pages titled ‘Dangerous prophecy for Enzo Ishall’ has since gone viral, after he made a similar prophecy for Madam Boss early this year that she was headed for greater heights.


This has been fulfilled as Madam Boss’s career is flourishing daily as seen with her managing to clinch acting roles in South Africa through Becky Casting Agency and as of today, she was named ambassador for Rwandan Airways.


As for the Kanjiva hit-maker, Enzo Ishall, he is still in the game if his recent release is anything to go by. The latest single titled Hillary Makaya which is a shift to hip hop is dedicated to the 19-year-old model Makaya who scooped the Miss Teen World Heritage and Miss Zim Intercontinental beauty pageant crowns in 2016 and 2018 respectively.


The prophecy by Black Elisha said Enzo Ishall would become a brand ambassador to big corporations in Zimbabwe. In the prophecy, Black Elisha claimed God took him to the spiritual realm, where he showed him Enzo Ishall’s future.


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