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Watch: Shops, Taxis Burn As Somali Businessman Fight With PE Taxi Drivers

Port Elizabeth – At least 10 minibus taxis and some shops have been burned on Durban Road in Korsten, Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth) on Wednesday afternoon allegedly sparked by an accident between a car being driven by a Somali national and a minibus taxi being driven by a South African.


It is alleged that the two vehicles collided on Durban road around 14h00 in a suspected road rage case. Uber drivers and taxi drivers have been warring for a while now in the area.


In today’s crash the two motorists then had an argument that quickly escalated to a fistfight.


The incident could, however, not be confirmed if it is related to the uber vs taxi driver woes.


A witness who has refused to be identified said that the Somali man then pulled out a gun and fired at the minibus taxi driver.


“They started arguing. She alleged that one of the men, a Somali, pulled out a gun and shot at the taxi driver.


“There was a shoot-out. People started to set the Somali shops in Durban Road alight and in turn, they started burning the taxis,” said the witness.


Another person on the scene said he had witnessed the taxi driver fighting with the Somali man.


At this point, other taxi drivers from a nearby taxi rank joined in the fight and started burning shops belonging to the Somalian nationals.


Pedestrians, shoppers and motorists fled in all directions to get to safety when the violence erupted.


Gunshots were fired between the two warring parties but there were no reports of injuries at the time of publishing.

A witness said 3 shops were burned and about 10 minibus taxis set alight during the fracas.


Three cars were also damaged.


Ward 11 councillor Abraham Isaacs said it was not clear at this stage what had happened.

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