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Watch:Expired food found for sale in Sedibeng, SA

As Gauteng battles a staggering rise in COVID-19 cases, authorities are clamping down on those falling foul of the law and not just those breaking lockdown regulations.


On Tuesday, particular attention was given to the quality of food being sold at particular outlets.


In Sedibeng, acting mayor Makgomo Zaza Raikane saw first-hand how expired produce was being peddled to unsuspecting consumers.

Officials were concerned about produce like cauliflower, already growing mould, noodles that are not branded and have no manufacturer details or data about nutritional value.


Raikane said the sale of expired produce is a health hazard that will only exacerbate the health issues already faced by Gauteng.


She said she’ll suggest the district look into creating its own programmes to check regularly on shops selling foods that are hazardous to people.

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