What a shame!. . . .UZ STUDENT WALKS INTO TRAP

A MARRIED law student, who is a police officer, was ca.ught by her husband in a n@ked state on the be.d of her l0ver in Domboshava on Tuesday night.

H-Metro were exclusive witnesses to the drama.

Spiwe Chawanda, a University of Zimbabwe (UZ) law student, a police officer at Chiwaridzo Police Station in Bindura, was exp0sed by her l0ver, Leo Mandaza.

His love messages were cau.ght by her husband, Nelson Gomondo.

After the two men had chatted about the affa!r, after the text messages surfaced, they conn!ved to trap Spiwe, as they felt she had betrayed both of them.

Leo said Spiwe made him believe that she was s!ngle and the two had been in a relat!onship for more than a year.

A trap was set and Leo informed Gomondo that Spiwe would visit his home in Domboshawa for the night.

He left the door unlocked to enable Gomondo to enter the house.

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