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WHO Medical Officer stabbed to death by son, mother stabbed 13 times

A Netherlands national is battling for her life in a Harare hospital after she was stabbed multiple times by her 23-year-old son who went on a rampage after an altercation.

Her husband, a medical officer working with the World Health Organisation, was stabbed to death in the outbreak of anger, a Harare Court heard on Monday.


Daniel Niyata Fussum appeared at Harare Magistrates Court on Monday facing a count of murder and another of attempted murder.


He was remanded in custody and advised to seek bail at the High Court as he is currently facing a third schedule offence.


The court heard that an Eritrean national Daniel Fussum, 53, was stabbed twice with a kitchen knife causing his instant death while his Dutch wife, Jordanos Zerom, 50, was stabbed multiple times at their Mt Pleasant house in Harare.


Daniel Niyata Fussum, a student studying Applied Sciences in Netherlands, was arrested subsequently arrested on Saturday.

Allegations are that on Saturday at 0940 hours in Mt Pleasant, Harare, the accused had an altercation with his parents who are diplomats in Zimbabwe.


The court heard that he stabbed his father Daniel Fussum with a kitchen knife twice on the chest, once on the stomach and once on the left hand causing his instant death.


He faces a second count of attempted murder.


The court heard that the accused had an altercation with his parents who are diplomats in Zimbabwe and stabbed his mother Jordanos Zerom (a Netherlands national) who was left with 13 wounds on the back, three stab wounds on the chest and one on the stomach causing serious injuries on her body.


The complainant is in a critical condition Trauma Centre Hospital in Borrowdale, Harare

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