Wife to Man Who Slept with Over 1,000 Ladies Says She Still Loves Him

Lucy Wanjiku, the wife of Prince Narams, has been through hell with her husband. Narams left the world in shock after revealing that he cheated on his wife with over 1,000 women.

Narams said he used to cheat daily with two or more women for three years. Speaking in an interview with TUKO.co.ke’s Lynn Ngugi, Wanjiku said she felt at peace and free after her husband decided to share his story with the whole world. “It (the numbers of women he has been with) doesn’t affect me.

The fact that he told me he was cheating gave me peace. He already confessed everything to me and forgave him,” she said. Wanjiku met her husband in Githurai Estate back in 2014, and she says it was love at first sight. “I was surrounded by wrong friends I was so addicted to drugs to the extents that if I missed taking alcohol my body would shake but Narams changed my life completely after we met,” she said.

Wanjiku showered her husband, saying he was different from her ex-lovers, who didn’t want to commit. A few weeks after meeting, they started dating and later got married. Lucy Wanjiku and her husband Prince Narams.

The soft-soken woman narrated how things went on smoothly for the first three years before the devil visited their marriage.

“It was in 2017 when he came home one night and told me I want us to talk. I asked him what was the issue and he told me that he had just cheated on me but I couldn’t believe him,” she recalled. Wanjiku said she brushed him off because she trusted him so much and couldn’t believe he could do that.

After some time, Narams cheated again, and he told his wife. “One day while I was washing his clothes and I came across lipstick stain and it really hit me hard. I cried.

Wanjiku said even after that, she was still convinced that he was cheating on her. Naramas was no longer Wanjiku’s prince charming she met in Githurai. He changed suddenly and would even refuse to eat the food she cooked at home.

“He started coming home late at 2 am and he would find me seated on a couch waiting for him. When he arrived, he would tell me to go to bed and he would remain in the sitting room. I would cry the whole night,” Wanjiku recalled.

She said this went on for sometime, and her it became normal. Wanjiku said he used to provide for her and is thankful he was not abusive. The beautiful woman said she was convinced that at some point, her husband would change and blamed the women for tempting him.

“I was even blaming the ladies he was cheating with saying they are the ones who seduced him. I blamed the ladies all through but surprisingly, I never caught him red-handed with any.

Wanjiku narrated how at times, Narams would call her to prepare supper and that he was coming over with friends who she thought were men. He would arrive with women. “He would show up with women and would tell me to sleep on the couch and lock himself in the bedroom with his visitor and I did nothing.

She added: “I would cry the entire night until I ran out of tears.” Wanjiku said Narams would come home with women at least twice a week. The born-again Christian said she used to pray that God would change him.

She couldn’t leave the toxic marriage. “I was scared I could get into another relationship and things go wrong. That was not the kind of life I wanted to live,” Wanjiku said. The devoted Christian revealed that her love for her husband didn’t change die despite the rough relationship. “I loved him so much.

When you take vows, you promise to be their fort better and for worse and I told myself that I would persevere no matter what”Narams lost interest in his wife totally, and Wanjiku said there are times she would beg him to make love to her, but he always refused.

“I even blamed myself for his promiscuous behaviour. I never told anyone about what I was going through at that time,” she said adding: “I was afraid my parents would have advised me to leave him but I was not ready. I still held onto hope that one day he would change and things go back to normal again.

” The couple later moved to Nakuru, and Narams ditched his promiscuous ways. “I don’t think leaving would change him anyway, maybe he would be HIV+ by now.” Wajiku is proud of herself for being there for her husband despite all the pain she went through with him. “I never wanted to be called a single woman and I felt embarrassed going back home to my parents. I would be more depressed,” she said.

Wanjiku said she would choose Narams over any other man. As earlier reported, Narams revealed that he rarely used protection with the women he met. One day, he invited a lady from Mombasa, and he was shocked to learn she was HIV positive. “While we were talking before we had sex, that lady told me “Narams I want you to forgive me because I am HIV positive. I only came to meet you because I knew it was a hit and run” God saved me,” Narams remembered.


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