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Woman bashed for taking hubby’s underwear to prophet

A Harare woman has approached the Harare Civil Court seeking a protection order against her husband after he beat her for taking his undergarments to an apostolic sect prophet.

Temptation Magunhi today told magistrate Ms Meenal Narotam that Abraham Magunhi has lost respect for her as his wife but Abraham told the court that he bashed her for taking his undergarments to a prophet of an apostolic sect for unknown reasons.

“I want my husband to stop verbally insulting me in front of our children. He calls me a prostitute and a witch and at times he assaults me for no reason. He no longer respects me as his wife. His words are so obscene that our children have lost respect for me.

“He told me that if I dragged him before the court I should pack my things and leave the house as he will be divorcing me. I am begging this court to stop my husband from abusing me and respect me as his wife,” she said.

Abraham refuted the allegations and told the court that Temptation was in the habit of doing things without consulting him. He said the reason why he assaulted her was that she had taken his undergarments to an apostolic sect prophet.

“I have never abused her in any way as she is alleging,” Abraham said. “We last fought in 2018 after a heated argument and since then I have never laid my hands on her.”

“The problem is she took my underwear to a prophet of an apostolic sect and I told her what she was doing was done by witches before assaulting her. I have never insulted her nor have I called her a prostitute.”

Ms Narotam granted the protection order and ordered Abraham to refrain from abusing his wife in any way.

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